Mie Arai

Mie Arai

Mie Arai is a localisation expert with more than twenty years' experience in research and translation in industrial and financial fields.

Prior to establishing Linguanetic Research and Translation services, Mie worked at Daiwa Securities SMBC Europe in London for seven years, firstly as an Emerging Markets translator and later as Head of Translation at the bank's Fixed Income Research department. Before that, her work experience ranged from news broadcasting (NHK, BBC, Nikkei) to manufacturing and legal translation (Richards Butler International Law Firm).

With her extensive experience and client-centric approach, Mie is committed to delivering the best localisation solutions for her clients located in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Mie holds a Master of Commerce in Professional Accounting from Griffith University, Australia; an M.A from Queen Mary College London; and a B.A. from The University of Tokyo.


Finance: Localisation of IR presentations, market announcements & other publications on fixed income products; translation and research on fixed income products, including credit analysis and macroeconomic reports.

Accounting: translation of financial statements, annual reports, research on regulatory developments.

Legal: proofing and translation of a broad range of contracts (NDA, real estates, service contracts); translation of reports on regulatory developments.

Research: Consulting and preparing sector reports in Japan and Australia.

Business: translation of in-house materials in the fields of marketing and QA.

Media: Preparing newswire articles, translating subtitles for news clips and IR movies.