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About Us

Linguanetic is a market research and translation agency. Specialising in producing work on the Japanese market, our team have extensive experience in a diverse range of fields. We've worked with a range of customers from academia, manufacturing, finance and accounting. Over 30 years of experience had enabled us to build a customer base of blue chip companies from Japan, Europe and Australia. Linguanetic boasts a skill base that reflects the diverse nature of the organisation. Being passionate about what we do is only the start of our credentials. Collectively, we have extensive business experience in multicultural environments across the world. We have seen at first hand the importance of cross-border communications and the potential loss of business opportunities that an information gap can cause. We provide consistently high quality services, offering our superior resources to deliver client satisfaction. Show us your business vision and we will make it work with our expertise.

Market Research

Want more information on the Japanese market? We provide reports on a number of sectors and can customise to your requirements.


Looking for opportunities in Japan? We can help you find the right partners - whether sourcing products or looking for partners in a new market.